Corporate reputation has a lot to do with anticipation, risk prevention, the ability to set goals and put the focus on matters involving the creation of tangible value, and the establishment of methods for monitoring and evaluation of results.

Corporate Reputation should be part of the culture of the company, the way they do, their intrinsic abilities and even their competitive advantage.

In addition, the company must be able to transmit all their values ​​effectively both internally and externally, in order to build and consolidate that reputation.

 Often corporate reputation is confused with the image, brand or CSR .

The main difference between Brand, CSR and Reputation is that the first two depend on the company, while reputation depends on public opinion, ie, of the perception of stakeholders and can not be controlled by the company, although managed.

That's why, we recommend our customers and their leaders to improve and strengthen their management style and a style veering towards much closer, participatory, based on dialogue, transparency and bearing in mind the views of the various stakeholders.