Funcorp Consulting maintains partnerships with international independent companies that allow us to maintain our independence while providing us the ability to offer communication services, public affairs, events and international consulting in North America, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Australia and Asia/Pacific.

From Funcorp we also help our clients in their international expansion with the tools, experience and contacts necessary so your messages, products or services can reach their target audiences effectively and profitably.

To do this we distinguish key aspects such as goal setting, prioritizing messages and sales arguments, the essential knowledge of the political and regulatory agenda and our international contacts that facilitate and expedite the overall implementation of any product or service.


The close relationship we have with our clients has earned us their trust in many cases getting involved in their marketing strategies and distribution internationally. 


Our relations with Latin America deserve a special mention.

For over 20 years we have given special attention to the Latin American companies and  institutions where, directly or through our partners, we offer corporate communication services and public affairs to a wide range of organizations. Our knowledge on the reality of the american sub-continent offers a unique opportunity to our clients in order to get their messages to the media, forums and organizations in the right moment, and market their products or services efficiently and profitably.




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